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Wild Africa Trek

Wild Africa Trek

Looking for something really special? Look into the private guided tour of the Pangani forest that only a few guests get to experience.

Safari Tour at Animal Kingdom - Orlando

This VIP safari takes visitors across the open savanna with close encounters of the exotic wildlife. The tours last about 3 hours and are only available through special arrangements.

Safari Tour

The African Safari Tour at Animal Kingdom has been detailed to accurately give visitors a strong sense of being on the back roads that includes every nook, bump and cranny one might expect to see and feel traveling off the beaten path.

In my opinion, Safari Tour is one of the main reason for visiting Animal Kingdom. Through clever design and landscaping, it appears there is nothing between you and the lions, or the elephants, rhinos, hippos, and all the other amazing creatures.

TIP: Get to the Fast Pass ticket line as quickly as possible. This ride is popular and long lines are to be expected. Get your Fast Pass ticket first, then depending on the return time, see other parts of the park before returning.

The Safari Tour is located just on the outskirts of the Harambe Village. This African-like village offers visitors food and refreshments and the only live baobab tree in the park. Look for it just outside the Tusker House restaurant.

The Safari Tour Landscape

The bone-jarring rutted safari road is all part of the landscape design. During construction of the area, design team's meticulously matched concrete with the surrounding soil so the roads appear to be nothing but a muddy lane. As the concrete began to set, they rolled tires across the road along with other debris to create an the extremely authentic looking and feeling of a back country experience. Taking photos from the vehicle can be a challenge and every opportunity to make your lasting images should be done when the guide slows the modified GM truck down to better see a cooperating resident of the park.

Safari Tour

Visiting Animal Kingdom Tips

  • Plan on spending time in line.

  • Go as early in the day as possible. Many of the animals take siestas in the afternoon and may not be clearly visible from the tour route as you pass by their area.

  • The safari guide will not stop so you can take a photo. They do, slow down and occasionally stop if a particular viewing opportunity occurs.

  • Photographs are hard to take while the safari vehicle is in motion. If you can increase your camera's shutter speed, do so to help avoid blurred images.

  • Be careful not to drop anything over the side. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED ANY OF THE ANIMALS.

Backstage Safari Tour

If you really love to see animals and how they are cared for, then look into Disney's special Backstage Safari Tour.

This tour shows what goes on behind the scenes at Animal Kingdom and how the animals are nurtured when they're not on display. See the habitats they live in when not performing for the public.

Each day, the animals at Animal Kingdom are fed a combined total of 3 tons of food, with each species requiring special dietary needs.

Inclusion of this special tour requires a general admission ticket to the park, in addition another ticket just for the Backstage Tour package. All participants in this tour must be 16 years of age or older.

Wild By Design Tour

Wild by Design tour is another behind the curtain type of tour where participants will see just how the creative team of Disney transformed the Florida landscape into one of the most popular animal destinations in North America.

This tour is all about how the landscape was painstakingly transformed into several representative areas of the world. These areas were specifically designed to accommodate the wildlife that inhabits the areas as well as making it accessible to the public-- not an easy accomplishment. The 3 hour tour requires an additional special ticket purchase. Tour participants must be at least 14 years old.