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In search of the Yeti

Expedition Everest is a high-speed runaway train coaster located in the 200-foot high mountain that serves as the focus of Asia in Disney's Animal Kingdom. The coaster includes twists, turns and drops that leaves participants screaming through the black. This is the first Disney roller coaster to have a backwards section on it that adds a unique twist to roller coaster riding.

Trading post

As the wait line meanders around outside what appears to be a mountain climbing outfitter, guests eventually enter the establishment where all sorts of historic paraphernalia is on display behind antique glass cases. The items hint at the dangers that lay ahead for unwary visitors attempting to climb the forbidden mountain.

Train Station Boarding

Each of six-car trains can carry 34 passengers on each trip to the mountain. Passengers are seated and restrained from falling overboard by an individual lap bar.

As you begin to catch site of the elusive Yeti, you'll be interested in knowing that the creature inside the Forbidden Mountain is actually 22' tall with 6" diameter eyes and weighs an impressive 20,.000 pounds. That explains how any beast could rip up the tracks with such destructive force. The Yeti is the largest animatronic robot Disney has ever made.

Participants reach about 50 mph during the descent phase that enters a 60 degree banked spiral that yanks passengers in about every imaginable direction.

End of the track

Everest Adventure

The setting: somewhere in the Himalayans traveling by train in search of a Yeti that from all accounts appears to be hiding somewhere... up there.

The goal: find evidence of the Yeti's existence among the world's tallest mountains.

That's the premise for Disney's Expedition Everest Adventure, a high-speed ride through the blackened confines of the theme's highly detailed, scaled model of the fictional Forbidden Mountain.

The mile-long ride is breath-taking with hair-pin twists and turns, sometimes going forwards, sometimes going backwards, never knowing quite where you are until it all comes to a gentle stop back at your base camp station.

Everest Adventure

Everest Expedition Notes

  • Take note of the sound the roller coaster / train ride makes. Most roller coasters have a tell-tail clicking sound as they climb up. The Imagineers designed a new system that eliminates this sound.

  • Fast Pass is accepted, but you'll miss all the neat stuff inside the trading post.

  • The attraction is handicapped accessible, but guests must transfer from their device to the ride.

  • The attraction includes 80' drops that may leave your heart in your throat, literally, so be prepared to scream, a lot!

  • Measure your child's height so you know which rids they can enjoy.

Snapshot of fear

Track to the top

Expedition Everest

This adventure is not for the faint of heart, the small in stature or those afraid of their own shadow, or perhaps the shadow of the elusive Yeti.

  • Because of physical stress this adventure imparts, some rules must be followed.

  • Children under 44" are not permitted

  • Service animals are not permitted

  • Participants must be in good health, not have high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems.

  • Participants easily affected by motion sickness should think twice or even three times about climbing aboard.

  • Expectant mothers should not ride.

Everest Expedition