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Animal Kingdom Parade

Animal Kingdom

Disney Parade late in the day creates an exclamation mark for your day's adventure at the park. A host of characters and cast members start the parade from the Africa area, go across Discovery River to Discovery Island, circle the island, then re-cross the river into Asia and then back to Afrida. Check the daily schedule for time, but it usually starts an hour or so before closing.

Hippo skull compared to aligator skull

Animal Kingdom closes every day at dusk, so closing times vary with the seasons.

Animal Kingdom: Live Animals

The very essence of Animal Kingdom are the animals. There are over 300 species of animals, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects represented at this theme park. There are over 1100 animals in total at the park.


Disney has always featured exotic creatures in their theme parks, but Animal Kingdom is the only park to feature live animals in natural settings.

Animal Kingdom in Orlando, is currently the largest theme park in Disney's bank of adventures and entertainment theme parks. The park is 500 acres with more than 1700 animals mostly exhibited in natural environments. Each day it takes 3 tons of food to keep the wild beasts well-fed and happy.

ape and baby

Animal Watching Tips

  • Keep your eyes open. Animals are located throughout the park in almost every area.

  • Early in the day is better for animal watching. As the day progresses, many of the animals begin to slow down. Larger animals, especially on the safari tour, begin to head for their feeding areas.
  • Sunscreen and walking shoes are a must. Even if there is snow on the ground back home, the Florida sun can still give you a nasty sunburn. Most of the events at Animal World are outside.

  • Check the weather before you go to the park. Dress appropriately. You may need to take multi-purpose clothing if weather dictates.

Above: The Malayan flying fox, also known as giant fruit bats inhabit a special section in the Asia area called the Cliffs of Anandapur which is part of the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Also on this trail includes the giant komodo dragon, tapirs, primates, tigers and a variety of birds in walk-through aviary.

The giant fruit bats are harmless despite their impressive size. In fact they are the world's largest bat.

Komodo Dragon

Above: a very large sleeping komodo dragon